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MitSoft is a software development and consulting company operating since year 1991. Since its establishment, it has close ties with the departments of Vilnius University related to software engineering and computer science.

Company′s specialization is resolution of relevant nonstandard IT problems. One of the nowadays most relevant problems is documents transfer to digital environment. MitSoft′s Signa product line is one of the most promising solutions in European Union for signed electronic documents creation and verification.



Signa is a product line designed for creation and verification of electronic documents signed with qualified electronic signature:

  • Signa Desktop – software application;
  • Signa Web – public internet service;
  • Signa Docs – document signing platform for enterprises;
  • Signa SDK – framework for IT system developers allowing integration of electronic documents functionality into information system or document management system.

Electronic document created with Signa has the same legal power as signed paper documents because according to EU eIDAS regulation the qualified electronic signatures are legally equivalent to handwritten signatures.

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